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The Université Paris Diderot is situated in the south of Paris, approximately twenty minutes away by metro from the historical centre of the city. If you are not staying near the university, the easiest way to get to the Paris Diderot Campus is to take the metro to Bibliothèque François Mitterrand on line 14 (direction: Olympiades). Using the same tickets as the metro, you can also take a RER C train (this is 2 stops from metro Saint Michel) or a bus (#62 or #89). If you are staying near the outskirts of Paris, you can also take the tramway (line T3 to Avenue de France). The metro and RER take about 20 minutes from the centre of Paris. Before you leave the metro station, check the local map (plan du quartier) and make sure you are heading for one of the exits near the Avenue de France (exit 2 is the easiest).

The conference and registration will take place in the lecture theatre Amphi Buffon (the Amphithéâtre Buffon, after the naturalist Georges-Louis Leclerc, comte de Buffon) 


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